The JOIN Project

We are an independent charity that provides recreational and self help activities for adults with learning disabilities, who live in the Keighley area.

JOIN is a successful and well respected local project that has been providing activities for over 25 years.

At the JOIN Project we always provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where adults with learning disabilities can be safe, learn new skills and have fun!

JOIN activities include: Cookery Group, Life Skills Group, Social Activity Days, Arts & Crafts Group, Get Active Group and Self-Help Group.

What people say about us

This is what our members say about coming to JOIN

“ JOIN is excellent and friendly; I love it! ”


“ I like coming here and I’ve made lots of friends. ”


“ JOIN staff are a good team. They make me happy! ”


“ I like the people. I like coming to JOIN. ”


“ It’s a good group and we do lots of good projects. ”


“ I like coming. It gets me out of the house. ”


“ I like this group because we all join in together. ”


“ I like games, music and talking to my friends. ”


“ I like it here. Staff are thoughtful and kind. ”


You can help JOIN continue its work of providing quality activities for people with learning disabilities by:

• Becoming a volunteer

• Joining our Management Committee

• Making a donation

• Helping out with fundraising events

If you would like to find out more information about how you can help, please get in touch via our contacts page

Charity Registration Number 1117217

JOIN runs different activities on different days of the week

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