What we do

JOIN was established in 1993. The project began as a weekly coffee morning for adults with learning disabilities. It has grown over the years to provide a range of activities, for over 50 members, five days a week.

Free Website Templates FreeHTML5.co Monday - Cookery Group

The Cookery Group prepare and cook a two-course meal, which they share together at lunch time. The group members socialise with friends, whilst learning a broad range of basic cookery skills focused on good hygiene and making healthy choices. Many Cookery Group members have additional health needs including diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions. The recipes used are adapted to suit these needs.

Free Website Templates FreeHTML5.co Monday – Life Skills Group

The Life Skills Group meet on Monday afternoons. The group aims to help members improve their social and communication skills. The weekly workshop seeks to boost confidence, self-advocacy and self esteem, as group members learn how to look after themselves, how to keep safe and how to deal with everyday situations.

Free Website Templates FreeHTML5.co Tuesday – Social Activity Days

JOIN runs a Social Activity Day every Tuesday, where members meet up with their friends, take part in games, quizzes and social activities.

Free Website Templates FreeHTML5.co Wednesday – Get Active Group

The Get Active Group meet on Wednesdays to help JOIN members keep mobile and active all year round. The group take part in martial arts, dance, aerobics and games sessions, designed to improve their health and fitness. These sessions are geared to the ability level of the group, making the activities accessible to all members.

Free Website Templates FreeHTML5.co Thursday – Arts & Craft Group

The Arts & Craft Group meets every Thursday, to participate in a variety of creative art workshops. The group have fun with their friends whilst learning new skills. The group members work on individual and group pieces of art, some of which have been exhibited in local galleries and exhibitions.

Free Website Templates FreeHTML5.co Friday – Self-Help Group

On Fridays, JOIN runs a Self-Help Group. JOIN members work to improve their confidence, communication and life-skills, to achieve greater independence.

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